Shift from the classical HR employee process to the unattended hiring platform fully automated.

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Unattended hiring platform
for fully automated HR services

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Key Features

Always on the GO! No more pen and paper
TORP for HR s
peeds up document workflow automating the signing process and management of HR forms

Your new employees work from everywhere—on laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Stay connected with them while keeping the distance. With TORP for HR app, you can transform the distance into a business advantage:

The app you need, from the company you trust. 

Both attended and unattended employees onboarding processes are GDPR, KYC, and AML compliant

100% compliant

The end to end onboarding flow is eIDAS certified, starting from remote employee identification up to the qualified electronic signature on the employment contract

Is not just mobile-friendly, but also mobile-first

User-friendly design

The development and UX teams designed the app to quickly & efficiently go through the employment flow from any smart-enabled device, offering a simple and intuitive journey to both actors: the new employee and HR staff

TORP for HR, the paperless employee digital onboarding solution relies on Could-First SaaS architecture and leverages on secure eKYC and eSIGN components, having the security elements at a state-of-art level.

High-level security

Send documents to the new employees to be e-signed in real-time from a tablet or smartphone. They will complete all of the employment paperwork before their first day of work.

Reduce expenses and delays and spend far less time on routine, repetitive HR tasks and more time recruiting and onboarding top talent. Keep your business moving!


Building blocks grouped in functional entities powered by Tremend Application Foundation platform

Tremend Application Foundation packs a collection of libraries and components, out-of-the-box and ready-to-use in applications that use Angular as UI Framework, having the following benefits:

Reduced development time

High-quality code-base regarding architecture and technical conventions.

Multiple plug & play modules: Caching Manager, Network Manager, Database Manager, Deep Linking Navigation, UI Flows (User register flow, user login, platform login) and sample testing specifications.

The architecture allows for easy modularization, which in turn allows for better testing and the possibility to extract parts of the app into separate apps.

Remote employee identification

Identifies employees using biometrics data through the ID, with the same level of technical security and legal compliance as face-to-face identification.

Self-service onboarding of the new employee, supervised by the HR representative

Self-governed BPMN employment workflow

Mobile-first and Cloud-first employees onboarding SaaS platform

Biometric authorization

API integration & SKD deliverable

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Fast, secure, reliable

Highly scalable platform

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TORP for HR leverages on secure eKYC and eSIGN “State-of-Art” security component