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Streamline and digitize your customer onboarding process

TORP. Your Onboarding and Origination CX Platform.

As an EU Financial Institution, it is mandatory to focus on three aspects:

Today's COVID-19 worldwide situation is rampaging throughout the global economy and consumer access to the traditional channels is being severely constrained. That's why banks, as well as any relevant EU Financial Institution, need to rethink their business models and address the surging digital demand of their existing and potential customers.

During these hard times, financial institutions need to find new ways to connect faster with their customers, being compliant with the comprehensive European Regulatory Framework: GDPR, eIDAS, PSD2, KYC, and AML regulations.

Did you know that a minimum of 40% of potential customers drops out during onboarding due to cumbersome and time-consuming identity verification? As an EU-based bank or financial institution, it becomes mandatory to enforce a full-remote interaction with your customers during the current worldwide threat.

Open online channels for the customer to easily access your financial services

Leverage the Open Banking ecosystem

The benefits of migrating to full digital onboarding

A simple, well-structured and fast onboarding process boosts your revenue, increases customer satisfaction, and enables you to be perceived as an experienced, trustworthy financial service provider.

Digital onboarding can boost your internal team’s satisfaction by reducing the time they spend on manual tasks, subject to many operational risks.

It can also save customers’ time by enabling them to experience an automated onboarding process.

Why open online channels for your customers?

Reasons to leverage the Open Banking environment

Capitalize on substantial opportunities for revenue generation, both directly and indirectly

Avoid losing revenue to Fintechs and NeoBanks

In order to help financial companies in the EU comply with the new regulations, we have built one of the best Onboarding and Origination CX platforms out there - Tremend’s TORP. This modular Onboarding and Origination platform for Financial, Telecom, Education and Healthcare sectors enables you to streamline the onboarding process by using eKYC & eSIGN modules and completely eliminate the hassle of a lengthy and resource-consuming loan origination.

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Connect all internal and external systems in one place. TORP can be plugged into your existing CRM infrastructure and is compatible with a wide range of connectors, including REST connectors, queue connectors, and database link connectors.

Go digital. No more need for using pen and paper. As a highly-advanced customer and employee onboarding tool, TORP simplifies the onboarding process and reduces the time employees spend signing papers.

High-level security and compliance. TORP is the first solution that identifies people through a real-time video stream, with the same level of technical security and legal compliance as face-to-face identification. 

Create a positive journey for customers and employees in the financial industry. Use TORP to stay ahead of the curve and continue delivering superior onboarding services, especially during the COVID-19 crisis.

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Perform the end to end lending flow in a fully digital channel

Collect loan application data, evaluate customer eligibility, execute the Scoring module, electronically sign the agreements and perform the final disbursement

Dramatically improve your brand image in the customers’ eyes by linking the customer onboarding with the loan origination digital experience

Distinguish yourself from others as a professional financial institution that knows how to speed up processes, using up-to-date technology and the latest trends in the digital landscape.

Outsmart your competitors and grow your financial company by going fully digital . Contact us below to find out more about how Tremend’s TORP can help you succeed in today’s ever-changing market.

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Accessible. Anytime. Anywhere. Unmatched eKYC and eSIGN frictionless solution 100% compliant with the highest standards required by international regulation

Create streamlined workflows for your internal business processes. TORP offers your business self-governed digital onboarding and originating BPMN workflows


TORP. Key Facts

1 minute

to complete the customer digital onboarding process

84% increase

in your conversion rate

3 weeks

deployment time to market

As a valuable partner of Mastercard, Tremend is your perfect choice for integrating the centralized Mastercard Open Banking services into your own digital infrastructure: Connect, Protect and Resolve.