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TORP is a modern tool that works cross-industry, enabling companies to automate their processes and simplify onboarding.

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creating personalized onboarding and origination streams can help you gain an edge over your competitors and broadcast your company’s digital image

a simple, well-structured and fast onboarding process boosts your Time-to-Money and increases customer satisfaction

well-structured digital workflows also increase your internal team’s satisfaction by reducing the time they spend on manual tasks, subject to many operational risks

adopting remote unattended online channels saves your customers’ time by enabling self-service experience and automated onboarding & origination processes

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Outsmart your competitors and grow your company by making your business accessible anywhere anytime with TORP. Leverage a state-of-the-art solution to reach and interact with more customers online, no matter your industry. 

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Do you know how many of your potential customers drop out during onboarding due to cumbersome and time-consuming identity verification? Going digital is a must for companies of all sizes, regardless of the industry.

TORP – Extreme Customization. Flawless Integrations. Digitization Beyond Borders

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TORP is a modular solution that seamlessly integrates with eKYC and eSIGN. Our tool uses the most advanced, secure, and reliable Electronic Identification engine, compliant with all relevant remote identification directives: KYC, AML, eIDAS, GDPR, with the same level of technical security and legal compliance as face-to-face identification.

TORP relies on AI for seamless biometric security and quick customer identification. The embedded end-to-end eKYC & eSIGN flow that we are using was audited and certified in 2020 by the French company LSTI having equivalent assurance as to the physical presence.

TORP can be delivered as a pure-SaaS, on-premise, or hybrid platform that relies on the Tremend Application Foundation (TAF) Open API-based interface layer. TAF interface layer makes TORP seamlessly pluggable with our Partner’s solutions, Company’s internal infrastructure, as well as any other 3rd party services.

We selected and integrated into our platform the best-in-class services from top certified partners enforcing the overall security and compliance layers.

Financial Services: using bullet-proof eKYC and eSIGN services and leveraging on Tremend’s banking and digital payments wide expertise, TORP helps any Financial Institution to reach new customer segments and enable remote self-service access to their digital products & services.

Utilities: Utility companies seeking to accelerate digital transformation and fighting fraud can use TORP to ensure high-level confidence during the onboarding and contracting processes.

Telecom: TORP. allows telecom companies to streamline their customer remote identification and mobile plans subscriptions, enforcing compliance with industry-specific standards and data security guidelines.

Healthcare: TORP streamlines the digital onboarding process in the healthcare industry and makes it easy for patients to gain access to life-saving online medical services.

HR: TORP enables easy and agile employees onboarding, including remote identification and personalized hiring flows, securing full compliance with Labor regulatory framework.

The best-in-class underlying architecture and digital orchestration model

TORP is using a BPMN standardized flow that provides the capability to quickly transform internal business procedures into self-explanatory digital workflows.

TORP relies on building blocks architecture, grouped in Functional Entities, client-tailored in order to facilitate the adoption of flexible banking processes and online sales workflows, leveraging on best-in-class BPMN orchestrator.

Whatever industry you’re operating in, you can capitalize on TORP for saving time, reducing costs & risks, and increasing the overall customer satisfaction.

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Is Onboarding & Origination only the first step in your Digital Transformation journey?

We’ve scaled up TORP. in different digital areas like:

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Let's explore how you can leverage Digital Transformation and TORP. to transform your business and make it stand out from the competition.

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