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Get a grasp of the state of the online proctoring market at the moment

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Discover the eProctoring features that are indispensable for securely conduct remote examinations

Uncover Tremend’s ObservED tool and find out how TypingDNA’s innovative typing biometrics technology helps you promote exam integrity

Dive deeper into ObservED top features: biometric keystroke dynamic validation, face recognition, AI-powered proctoring, Moodle LMS integration and more

Success story: discover High Chart Assessment’s unique experience with ObservED

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How to conduct online exams securely with biometrics-based remote proctoring tools

14:00 (EEST)

Examinations in the post-COVID era

With the suspension of in-person classes and pen-paper exams, universities, schools, and assessment centers have come to realize the importance of leveraging digital proctoring to enforce academic evaluation integrity.

Offer greater accessibility to training, courses, and exams

Cut costs and reduce the number of resources allocated for each procedure

Offer more personalization and increased relevance

Create convenience, enabling students to learn and take exams anytime, anywhere

Demonstrate your level of proficiency in conducting remote exams

Obtain the necessary certifications for your examination flow

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Alexandru Paraschiv

Head of Innovation

Stefan Petcu

Business Development Manager

Alexandru Iosif

Online assessment consultant



Find out how you can elevate your learning and examination programs through data biometrics-based eProctoring, and ensure better exam integrity. 

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September 9

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eProctoring Webinar: The Future of 

Find out how your organization can securely ensure continuity of education through data biometrics-based eProctoring.

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eProctoring Webinar:The The Future of Examinations

in the post-COVID era

Nicki Hibling

High Chart Assessments

Eloise Horne

High Chart Assessments


Head of Operations

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